In awards, Tennessee

By: Allison Boshears, Manager of Corporate Communications

On Wednesday, March 1st, Rogers Group Management Trainees participated in Annual Progress Presentations at RGI’s Corporate Office in Nashville.

In their first year presentation, trainees focus predominantly on their professional background and daily responsibilities within the program.

In their second and final presentation, trainees present a more high-level view of their RGI experience, delivering a comprehensive analysis on the projects they have been effective in leading.

These trainees are slated to progress within our company as Sales Representatives, Superintendents, Estimators, Production Managers and more.

Congratulations to these trainees on their stellar presentations!

Presenters included:

  • Mark Sorrells (CKY Aggregates)
  • Thomas Harper (NMTN Aggregates)
  • Eston Carlton (NMTN Sales)
  • Spencer Wise (EMTN Sales)
  • Cruz Murphy (NMTN Construction)
  • Lauren Stokes (CKY Sales)
  • Alex Jones (STN Construction)
  • Nick Rencher (EMTN Aggregates)
  • Daniel Neal (WKY Aggregates)
  • Evan Rackers (ARK Aggregates)
  • Oliver Dash (NAL Aggregates)
  • Jacob Jeffreys (NAL Construction)
  • Alex Wolff (NMTN Aggregates)
  • Gray Carter (ETN Construction)​​​​​​​

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